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The Cue Dot Series

Cue Dot Records is home to a single project, “The Cue Dot Series”. A series of releases from collaborating artists making up the whole. The Artists control the content of the release, the music, the tracks, the title of the work etc. but with the artwork of each being constrained by the over-arching aesthetic that sits with the series.


The “Cue Dot Series” continues…

“We wanted a spectrum of moods. What we got was an album of our favourite things”


Featured on: 
– BBC 6 Music – Gideon Coe Show  

‘As a record it speaks for itself, diverse in mood, eclectic in terms of sound, intelligent and unpredictable.’
Bobby Gant, Iniquitous Glory

‘To have captured so many moods, so many states and for it to sound so utterly original is quite the achievement.  A late contender for album of the year…for those who will listen.’
Paul Laird, Our Sound Music

‘Psychological Colouring Book is an album where you actually feel the humans behind the machines. You can see the wires and the extension leads, the sweat and the toil. It is an album proudly confrontational yet also has a great knack of hooking its claws under your flesh’
Simon Tucker, At The Barrier

‘On Psychological Colouring Book Scissorgun manage to balance the “out there” with the dancefloor with enviable skill and taste.’
Ian Canty, Louder Than War