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The Cue Dot Series

Cue Dot Records is home to a single project, “The Cue Dot Series”. A series of releases from collaborating artists making up the whole. The Artists control the content of the release, the music, the tracks, the title of the work etc. but with the artwork of each being constrained by the over-arching aesthetic that sits with the series.


As we start a new year of newly defined norms, the “Cue Dot Series” continues with this soundtrack reflecting upon times endured and the hopefulness of a future to come.

Everything Fades – Manfred Hamil
Available in Digital and limited CD format

“Cue Dot and Steve Kelly/Manfred Hamil have set the bar high for 2021 with Everything Fades and other releases under the electronica banner will do well to match the brilliance of this collection.” – Gordon Rutherford, Louder Than War

“Manfred Hamil has produced an exquisite album of electronic music. Great art should always be celebrated and this is great art.” – Bobby Gant, Iniquitous Glory

“Everything Fades allows enough space for the listener to paint their own images whilst gently pulling you along. It is a hymn and a celebration for a scene that needs us now more than ever.” – Simon Tucker, At The Barrier

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