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The Cue Dot Series

Cue Dot Records is home to a single project, “The Cue Dot Series”. A series of releases from collaborating artists making up the whole. The Artists control the content of the release, the music, the tracks, the title of the work etc. but with the artwork of each being constrained by the over-arching aesthetic that sits with the series.


The “Cue Dot Series” continues as we switch scenes once more…

ASH DOME – R.Seiliog

Releasing : Friday 27th August

Featured on:
BBC 6 Music, Mary Anne Hobbs Show
BBC 6 Music, Mary Anne Hobbs, New Music Fix
BBC Radio Cymru, Georgia Ruth Show
BBC 6 Music, Gideon Coe Show
KEXP, Pacific Notions with Alex Ruder

“R.Seiliog has produced a great album full of enchantment, beauty and mystery. It is the type of album you can’t listen to just once…”
– Bobby Gant, Iniquitous Glory

“This is a new folk music, a new Welsh spiritual and an album that takes you wherever you need to go… An absolute triumph.”
– Simon Tucker, At The Barrier  

“This is art. Free from artifice and pretence… This is music of great emotion and real beauty.”
– Paul Laird, Our Sound Music 

“this is music that works at its best without a beat marking time, and the treble-rich sounds give a lasting brightness.”
– Ben Hogwood, Arcana 

“…another trip into the druidic domain that you come to expect from this psychedelic lord of light.”
– Link 2 Wales