Welcome to Cue Dot Records…

Cue Dot is a record label, based in Derbyshire, with a focus on music that carries electronic influences at its heart. But rather than consider this a typical record label, its probably more useful to consider it an electronic music project. A label with a single release, with an ever-evolving narrative.

Why Cue Dot?

Being brought up in and around cinema from an early age. It was here where it was possible to develop an early formative appreciation of music in all its forms. Back in the pre-digital age of celluloid and film, cue dots were simple marks placed on certain frames towards the end of a reel in order to instruct the projectionist to switch from one projector to another, thereby creating a seamless scene shift for the viewer. Even now, when seeing an old print of a film, it’s intriguing to watch the cue dots guide the shifting of scenes.

So in reality, Cue Dot Records could be seen as something inspired by a certain age of cinema, even though its aims are not entirely constrained by it.

The Cue Dot Series

Cue Dot Records is home to a single project, “The Cue Dot Series. The series consists of a number of releases from different collaborating artists that make up the whole. Artists control the content of the release, the music, the tracks, the title of the work, but the artwork associated with each release is constrained by the Cue Dot Records aesthetic that sits with the series.

“it’s the realisation of an incredible ambition that centres around an absolute passion for electronic music” – Gordon Rutherford, The Dark Flux


Cue Dot Records operates as a strictly not for profit label. It’s also important that, in an age of restricted arts budgets and grants, the additional aim is that there should be no cost for the contributing artist to collaborate on the Cue Dot Series, over and above the costs of the production of the music.

A profit share model exists between artist and the label. Cue Dot Records reinvest the whole of any of its profits back into the label in order to support other artists.